It sounds like


you suffer from performance anxiety Generalized anxiety disorder Separation anxiety Stress and anxiety. Because of the fact that you cant maintain an erection Erection problems at the time of penetration, it sounds like PA is the cause. You can search the net for remedies for this.18 is a bit early for ED.You can talk to your doctor about meds , although I m not too sure he/she would recommend taking them.Do your research on Performance Anxiety Generalized anxiety disorder Separation anxiety Stress and anxiety.

Good luck.

My name is James


I have done everything I can do to deal with this. Which actually isn’t a whole lot. I am an 18 year old male, I still live with my parents while I attend college. Because of the fact that I live with my parents and the fact that I am in a small town, I don’t know what to do. It seems like I have had this problem for about 2 years now, I still get erections, but they are not very hard, and to get them, I usually have to touch myself, even focusing won’t do it hardly anymore. I have a girlfriend that because of different colleges, we have been seperated for a semester, however, we are going to get back together and possibley get married. I can’t tell you what this is doing to me, I am so stressed out right now, if anyone can tell me what I can do, or why this would happen to an 18 year old, let me know, i really would appreciate some response to this. Thanks in advance.

Impotence following Radical Prostatectomy


Hi Guys,
I had a radical prostatectomy in March and my urologist prescribed Cialis 10mg twice weekly to help my e.d. Didn’t have any effect so two months ago he increased to dose, still 10mg but every other day. Still cannot get an erection but at least my penis has regained some of its size. Are there any guys out there in a similar position and what are your experiences. I’m going back to the urologist in October and may ask him to increase the dose to 20mg. Any advice would be helpful.

From your experience I take that:


1) some women don’t understand the meaning of the word “impotence”
2) some women feel it’s our fault that we can’t get an erection in seconds
and keep it.

I’m thinking that a brochure with pictures ought be available to help them
understand what we are talking about.


I’m new to the blog and:


however, I do have some experience here. When I first met my late wife, I spent hours explaining the situation.
When the time came, it turns out that she had no idea what I was talking about. Later she told me that she thought I had the world’s smallest dick. Fortunately, my condition corrected itself and things went back to normal for me. She did continue the relationship because I was great at oral sex for her. We later married.

Since her death I’ve had several relationships. One did get serious (she was 48), but when the problem reared its ugly head, she freaked, and screamed at me for an hour, calling me every ugly name in the book. Needless to say; that relationship ended quickly.

Now I’m trying to carry on with Viagra and Cialis from canadian pharmacy however I scared to death that it will happen again. I’m looking forward to learning how to cope from the blog.

BTW, I’m 55 and have had this problem all my life, fortunately, up to now it’s been limited to the first 1-5 times that I am sexually intimate with a new partner. At the moment, I believe that I can not function at all without V or C.


How do women really feel about this?


How do women over 45 or 50 react to a man’s impotence? I am 57, very fit in other areas of life, and not completely impotent. But it does take much longer and is much less frequent than a few years ago. I no longer have spontaneous erections. My girlfriend who is only slightly younger than I am has to spend a lot of time giving me physical stimulation before I can perform. Is this normal, and will it lead to complete impotence? Do you think the fact that I need so much physical stimulation is likely frustrate and turn-off most women in my age group?

Advice as you must


i’m 27 yrs and have suffered from ED and PE for as long as I can remember. Doctors have ruled out most physical symptoms, but are unable to identify the cause and provide me with an effective treatment. some doctors say that sex on a regular basis will help my situation, but it is hard to even get that far if my initial experience is a distaster.

i have recently read articles on the dangers of overmasterbation, and marijuana use when you are young, both of which I am guilty of. Could this be it? Better yet, might my situation be curable without having to take medication everyday?

Lacking of sex interest and eraction(UAE)


tadalafilindiaLIST OWNER’S COMMENT: No one on here, especially the owner or moderators claim to have any medical qualifications or experience nor do we offer medical advice or instructions. This is purely a self help support group.

Posted message begins:
Dear Doctor

I am 42 years of old. I got Reumatic (joint Pain ) and taking slazopyrin 500mg with tadalafil india 20mg (cialis), I got BP average ,sometime HP. Last couple of month I am not much interested of enjoying my sex life.
To be very frank I got some phsycological ………….
Can you please suggest me how I will get back at least happy and hot eractions. Sorry if I ask more in this message.

LOLO from UAE.

Is this ED, pre-mature ejaculation or just plain inexperience


I am 31 and I do not have a lot of sexual experience. The few times that I have done it … I do not get an erection easily… when I do, any kind of interferences make me semi-erect easily… whenever I enter, I cum too quickly… the longest has been 2 minutes. Generally 1-1.5 minutes with lot of control and pauses. When I masturbate, I am fine… I go on for about 4-5 minutes before I ejaculate… preejaculation only happens when I am having intercourse

What do you think… is it normal? I have tried Viagara a few times and it works on me… can I get a better control on my erection and ejaculation problem through practice?

please help.. i am getting worried about this now.

My impotence began one and a half years ago


when I hurt my back. One day I was fine, next day totally impotent. I had surgery on my lower back and I’m somewhat better but not a lot. I was just advised by a urologist to try Edex injections. I tell you this only to show the extent of the impotence. Has anyone experienced anything like this and found a cause??

My girlfriend and I try to make the best of the situation


She teases me about it, but in a playful way. She says that when she was much younger she lost out on a lot of orgasms because young men would cum too early. I remember doing that too when I was young, having orgasms when the woman didn’t. Now my girlfriend says she is just getting some of them back. She says a lot of young women enjoy satisfying their husbands even if the woman doesn’t have an orgasm most of the time. Now that things have reversed, it is up to me and other men in my situation to learn to enjoy satisfying our women, even when we cannot have an orgasm.

Had not had any for many many years


Till an old friend from the 70’s showed up and had some for ole times. I am 61 and had a cryo treatment for prostrate cancer.
Became impotent. Nothing but the injections works. But when I did smoke some pot I got the same results. And with a little help from the wife it was a usable erection.
Not like before but useable. So living in Nev. I talked to my doc and got a perscription for Cal medical pot which order from canadian pharmacy not working now: Firefox can’t find the server at We spent a weekend in Cal and it was great. Yes the high was a little different from the past but the erection was worth it. It has been 6 years from the operation till now to have sex like that. I know it will never be the same but it was great.
That is why I am trying to find out more. But in the real world it is illegal. Like most things
that the big business can not sell.


Medical Pot


Does anyone know of any research of the use of Pot for ED. It works for me and I want to know if anyone is doing research in this field.

I’m 75 and have been there and done that.


Started TRT using hormone pellets in 1991 when the pills were not available. Initially the erections were fantastic but in a few weeks my ED returned just as bad. The T was great and I felt better with more interest. It was like an electric shock when a dress blew up in the wind but no erection. I went back to the books and found TRIMIX pioneered by Dr. Irwin Goldstein, Boston Univ. which cured my erections. It worked great with long term erections but after a few years the friction was not enough and the inspiration from the wife was no longer enough to get me to ejaculate. It’s always something, right?

Women are also just now asking their doctors to give them pellets of estrogen and testosterone under the skin which lasts 4 months. This restores a woman’s interest in sex like she had when much younger. Many doctors will not even test a woman to see if her T level is correct and offer no treatment for that even if she asks for it. OB/GYN’s are the usual source for such treatment and many do not offer it.

You can get on GOOGLE and find information about this.

Women frequently loose their libido, frequently after gaining weight of child birth and no one worries but the patient. No one will offer advice where she can seek treatment. From what I read, a woman gradually increases her interest in sex into her 50’s and can perform more easily then if she has the normal hormonal development.

It is tough to get a woman to do something about it if she has no interest and says she doesn’t miss it. Others jump at the possibility things may get better. Many women find pellets are a solution and get frustrated when he says he doesn’t offer that form of therapy. DEAD END? No, they can go shopping for another doctor with that therapy.

My point is


that TRI-MIX as well as an implant should be the last choice, before trying to find out why he suddenly had erection difficulties right after heart issues to my side i prefer generic V (sildenafil citrate) and i think my responses are intelligent and well thought out and to the point of the issue..

Yawns.. Its due to morons like yourself that I’ve limited my responses lately..

To the woman with the husband with heart issues.. Your welcome to e-mail me personally to avoid the moronic responders in here..


As a user of Trimix since 1985!


I must say you are SO FULL OF CRAP…. Just because you are so against Trimix you chime in and tell everyone that it is BAD stuff.
There are thousands of men out there that have GREAT success with this med for ED and NEVER have any problems with it, and continue to use it on a regular basis without any problems.
I have been on this blog for over 2 years and you have constantly had to tell everyone that it is BAD. Now you are trying to play being a shrink. Why don’t you mind your own business and let others say something once in a while. One other thing, how much do you get for every implant you get people to try?
Some of us weren’t born with a golden spoon in our ass like you were and cant get an implant. We have to use what we can and Trimix works very well for us.
With as much as I use and as often as I use it if it caused all the problems that you say then my dick would be ruined by now, and it still works like its 18, and at 63 I right proud of that.
You have been a real pain in the ass on this group about TRIMIX, just sit down and shut up.
Now I will put my soap box back in place, as im sure you will dominate this blog for weeks kicking sand in my face as you do to others……YAWN

About postscript


A postscript:
Don’t be shy about asking your Doctor. He has heard it all before, hundreds of times.
My Doctor averages one or two prescriptions a day for Viagra.


I had hernia surgery about a year ago


Preping for the surgery required that my pubic hair be shaven off since the incision was very close to my penis on the right side. They didn’t ask me anything about my preference , a lady nurse came in the morning and shaved almost all of my pubic hair, of course she had to handle my cock and balls to get to certain places and to stretch the skin out. I was nervous about the operation so my cock was at its tiniest during that moment, but I didn’t feel any embarrasment. I just convinced myself that she was just doing her job and I even had some small talk with her while she was shaving me.

After surgery, I had a male nurse help me a bit when the epidural was still wearing off and I was trying to pee laying down. He grabbed my cock and handled it a bit too much just to get it in the little urinal container. Later on the day a female Dr. and then the actual surgeon came back to check on things, by either just looking or touching and looking. S

Of all the only one I felt a bit uncomfortable afterwads was the male nurse, I felt he was a little too eager to touch me. But the female nurses handled it just like if they were doing any other task.

I suspect all Dr’s have a different routine


I went into mine and said I wanted to try some meds as I was having “challenges” in the bedroom.
He knew the other meds I was taking for high blood pressure, Azithromycin or generic Zithromax for pimples and Lipitor for Chol. First he offered to change these drug regimens as the MAY fix the problem. I declined (did not think it would help) and said I wanted to try Cialis. He wrote me a presciption with 12 refills and I left. Never disrobed and no nurses in the room. Best Dr. visit I ever had!

Hi Maeem, your email sounds similar to what I would write


I’m 28 and suffered form PE and ED since I can remember. My erections are few and far in between, more of a small semi ejeculating within maximum a minute.
Also I don’t ejeculate very much, I used to think it was due to ahvinf a small penis ans small testicles but have been told it’s not related. My testosterone is low but don’t have any perticular abdominal fat.

Thanks for your email and to everyone else that has sent a reply.

Clinically-Proven – One Pill Fixes ED and BHP


cialisThis can be considered excellent news indeed for older males where both problems often occur simultaneously. They, because it were, could kill two birds with the one stone today and have one less pill to consume the days.

In a sizable peer review published clinical trial, Dr Gregory Broderick of the Mayo Clinic examined 1056 older men struggling with both erection dysfunction and benign hypertrophy of the prostates. It was a randomised placebo-controlled study, top drawer material, quite simply. The outcomes were remarkably towards tadalafil as cure for both ED and BPH.

Ultimately, you will see another obstacle to physicians prescribing Cialis for ED and BHP order generic cialis (tadalafil). Some physicians conceal the view that older men with ED shouldn’t be handled in any way about the angles that their ED is “section of ageing” and is much better left alone. So, with many of these factors militating against your been provided daily Cialis to assist you with the outward symptoms of ED and BHP, what’s a guy to complete? Best of luck!

However, be warned. Don’t complement to your physician complaining of ED and BHP and anticipate he offer Cialis 10mg daily to repair both issues. The chances are overwhelmingly against that happening actually. To begin with, your typical GP may possibly not be even conscious of Broderick’s current research.

The key reason why these medical results are of such attention is that theretofore men struggling type BPH, that’s virtually all men over a particular age, were provided a medication called an alpha-adrenergic blocker which possibly Omnic and Flomax are typically the most popular. And, while these medicines are extremely safe and effective in reducing the outward symptoms of BPH, they do-nothing whatsoever for ED. Men with BPH and Edward, again that’s virtually all men over a particular age, need certainly to get one more treatment such as for instance Viagra to repair the latter problem. Since today we all know that certain pill – Cialis – might resolve both issues at the same time frame this really is no further best practise.

Thanks for that excellent reply


I have no doubt that these new studies are beneficial but I tend to shy away from all the advertising because of the ulterior motives. I feel like drug companies are trolling for new customers and to a degree that’s fine as long as the guy really actually needs it. I felt I did. I also agree that it’s something positive for a lot of us and welcome it. I even read a book by a doctor in Boston (I forgot his name) and he covers nearly all aspects of TRT while most doctors that I’ve seen shy away from it. Good advice and an excellent reply with great information. Thanks.



Zithromax (azithromycin) is a macrolide antibiotic utilized in curing pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infections, and stds. It is famous for having disagreeable negative effects like allergic or anaphylactic responses, itching, skin rashes, and serious, watery diarrhoea.
?when used conjunction with statins cramping but it’s also linked with more serious unwanted effects, like myopathy? tendon and muscle pain, weakness and i And preceding research has indicated that use of almost any antibiotic increases the possibility of breast cancer in girls ii.
Most lately, study released in the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that zithromax augments your chances of dying from a cardio vascular event with a whopping 250 % inside the initial five days of use, compared to individuals who took amoxicillin iii. It is virtually identical as that for Vioxx, which killed 60,000 individuals and was voluntarily removed from taken out of virtually eight years past.
Their threat of perishing while on this particular drug were even greater, when investigators looked at individuals who already had heart troubles. While azithromycin and levofloxacin had similar dangers of cardiovascular departure, the danger of cardio vascular death was likewise significantly higher with zithromax than with ciprofloxacin.

What You Have To Know about Azithromycin:

It is vital to understand that antibiotics are indiscriminate bactericidal brokers, meaning they kill-all bacteria, equally pathologic and valuable, and a majority of the quick and long term side results are associated with this By killing off the helpful bacteria in your intestine, antibiotics get a harmful impact on your entire immune structure, and should you don’t “re-seed” your intestine with probiotics (good bacteria)–either in the type of a probiotics nutritional supplement or fermented foods–your immune operate can stay undermined for sometime.
Thus, antibiotics should merely be taken when completely required, and attention must certanly be used to re-balance your intestinal flora to stop long-term results to your wellness. Taking pro-biotics while on an antibiotic can also assist reduce diarrhoea, which is a standard complication.
About 80-percent of your own immune system resides in your digestive tract, which places 100 trillion bacteria–about 2 to three pounds-worth of germs, plus yeasts. You must have concerning 85 % “excellent” microorganisms and 15-percent “poor.” Each of these germs compete for nutrients from the foods which you consume, however, the power in amounts that valuable bacteria love helps keep the undesirable bacteria as well as the everpresent yeasts under control, and causes them to generate nutrients your body requires, like B vitamins.
Yet, when you introduce antibiotics, these favorable bacteria are decimated in addition to the types, thus upsetting the fragile balance of your intestinal topography. Because, yeasts can develop unchecked in to sizeable colonies and take-over, creating a problem called dysbiosis. Using their tendrils (hyphae), yeast can actually poke holes throughout the liner of your intestinal wall, which leads to a syndrome called leaky bowel. Only at that stage, you typically become progressively susceptible to an extensive number of health issues, like: arthritis, allergic reactions and asthma, skin disorders, kidney troubles, digestive problems, autoimmune disorders

How Your Intestine Impacts Your Health

The key reason why a dysfunctional bowel can cause such chaos is well-described by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, whose groundbreaking work spills substantially needed light on how your intestine changes your immune defense mechanisms and how the way dynamic interaction has deep impacts on your total mental-, psychological-, and physical health.
She’s composed an outstanding publication called Gut and Psychology Syndrome, the initialism of which–DIFFERENCES–additionally stands for Physiology and Bowel Syndrome, that is the title of another publication presently being composed. Dr. CampbellMcBride’s DISPARITIES theory eloquently describes how immune abnormalities caused by damaged bowel flora are have reached root of practically ALL degenerative diseases, as also many neurological disorders, including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and autism.
After your intestine becomes porous, or “leaky,” it’s openings that may let undigested food particles in. When meals are consumed in this somewhat broken down type they’re viewed as “overseas,” inducing your own immune system to respond to them. As a consequence food sensitivities and allergies, digestive problems, and ultimately, autoimmune diseases, can all appear.
In inclusion, parasitic yeasts also can cause you to alter that which you consume by creating cravings for carbs , sugar like pasta and bread, say as it is their favored So, it will come as no real surprise that fat gain is among the telltale hints of antibiotic injury and following yeast overgrowth.
Unfortunately, many physicians ignore the link between their individuals’ intestinal illnesses along with the drugs-they themselves approved. So, beware, and regularly make certain to repopulate your intestine having a good quality pro-biotic each time you apply an antibiotic.

The new progress in the field of Testosterone supplements


is actually almost like ‘going where no man has gone before’, but these doctors are breaking ground that shatters some old beliefs about Testosterone, and it appears they are right, not wrong, but it is a very fresh science. If you were going to go for six months, you should remember to have your levels checked during that time, but yes, for me it was four months, which I think is probably the exception, not the norm, but then again, from my hippie days, I’ve always known that ‘everybody is different’ in how they respond to drugs. And yes, (with me) there was absolutely no change in my lifestyle, eating habits, or anything, so I’m sure it was the Testosterone that made my weight drop. And even though some people, including an awful lot of doctors, would want to call these Testosterone pioneers ‘mavericks’, I think these guys might just be ahead of the game. I was desperate. I heard about it, and I
read about it, and then I made up my own mind that I wanted to try it and I don’t feel like they are trying to push anything on me. Have you seen the new commercials on TV that say maybe it’s low “T” ? Maybe it’s an idea whose time has come.

Tadalafil and orgasm\ejaculation


tadalafil-cialis20mgNew information indicates the erection dysfunction (ED) medication Tadalafil can also be helpful in assisting men who’ve issues with orgasm and ejaculation, report scientists from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Clinic in the February problem of the British Journal of Urology International.

Their review, a meta-analysis of 17 double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies of men with ED, could be the first to investigate the advantage a realtor like Tadalafil provides for typical problems of sexual disorder that’ll have little to complete with ED. Their research figured roughly 70 percent of Tadalafil were used by men who during intercourse for 12 months could climax all of the period and to achieve climax, when compared with 30 percent in the placebo group. Additionally, these advantages of the medication were observed regardless of the degree of a guyis ED intensity.

Dr. Paduch claims as much as 18 percent of males have an ordinary erection but-don’t climax, or take quite a long time to do this. He adds that as the problem might be more common in seniors, it affects men of ages.

“A lot of my clients are teenagers who want to possess kids and so that they want to resolve their difficulties with climax,” suggests Dr. Paduch, who can also be a co-employee professor of urology and reproductive medicine at Weill Cornell. “We-Don’t understand why this happens. Every internist doesn’t have choices to provide and encounters this issue in his male clients. Our research shows Tadalafil might help.”

“Our research shows Tadalafil works perfectly for these guys with issues climaxing.”

Men without Any ED Might Have Sexual Dysfunction

Dr. Paduch and his co-workers have long investigated problems of sexual disorder that expand beyond Edward. “Erection dysfunction is not the entire story, at all,” he says.

In this new research, Dr. Paduch and his colleagues analyzed data from 17 placebo-controlled 12-week studies of tadalafil 20mg pills, offered at various amounts. In some instances, individuals with one or these two problems noted only slight or moderate ED.

A 2011 research directed by Dr. Paduch helped explain the problem. The biggest investigation up to now of sexual and ejaculatory dysfunction, also published in the British Journal of Urology International, adopted almost 12,130 men with moderate to severe ED and unearthed that 65 percent of the members were not able to have orgasm and 58 percent experienced problems with ejaculation. Our study indicates you will find different frequent sexual conditions that remain largely unaddressed, “While medicines like Tadalafil and Viagra have now been effective in assisting several guys,” he explained in 2011.

“For many years it was thought that only women had issues with orgasm, but our study shows that sexual disorder might be as commonplace among men as it’s among women.”

For instance, 66 percent of males with severe EJD and 66 percent with severe OD who employed Tadalafil documented enhanced ejaculatory function, compared with 35 and 36 percent, respectively, in the placebo group. Also, individuals with mild disorder also experienced substantial changes with Tadalafil, Dr. Paduch reviews.

“More research will become necessary, but we’re optimistic our results can lead to cure for all men who can’t today attain sexual fulfillment,” Dr. Paduch claims.

This is extremely interesting information


I’ve been using the cream on the shoulders for two months now with little to show for it so based on your experience I should go the entire 6 months and hope I notice changes. Most doctors will simply look at your numbers and advise that “you’re fine, you’re in the range” which to me is complete nonsense. Does my shoe size fall withing a “range”? Of course not. My T levels should not be in a “range” but they should look at the actual numbers based on at least two blood tests. They don’t. I am also leery of clinics like the one you went to. Are they simply out to sell you testosterone or are they actually competent? I would assume one would need to watch out for doctors who simply want to sell you the therapy.
But there are lots of good things in your comments

You mix Levitra and Cialis??


I had prostate removal surgery September 22, 2011 and have had ED problems ever since. I was told the nerves were spared but the evidence says otherwise but that surgery is responsible for my ED.

I have been doing the injections for


a couple of years now. Like Marvin said there is usually no to little pain involved. I have found that if it is hurting usually means I’m doing something wrong because it generally is not as effective after a painful injection. Have yet to try the auto-injector but I plan to look into it.
As far as would you need it forever for me the answer is really linked to what is causing your ED currently. For me I have found that I don’t always need it, I also supplement with a daily Cialis pill or the occasional Levitra. However for a love making session that will probably last a while then I need the injection for sure.

I never had success with the pump


As far as injections:
Do they hurt – very little, you use the same needle as a diabetic.
How often do you inject yourself – when you and your mate want to be intimate. Still there is a max amount at time you can do it a week. Need to talk to a doctor about that.
How long doe sit last – if it last over four hors, call the doctor and meet him/her at the local ER. Work with the doctor.
Will you have to do forever or will the ability to have an erection return at some point – there is no simple answer to this one.After four years I opt for an implant, there is no limit on the number of times I can use it. It is ready 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
A few thing that you did not ask. Some have an issue in injecting into the penis. Buy an auto-injector, it helps a great deal, you can control where you place the needle better.
You have to keep the medicine in the refrigerator all of the time. Again you need to work with a doctor about is.
It works about 85-95% of the time once you find the right mix and place to inject.
I hope this help a little.

I’m having limited success with the pump


and I haven’t yet put on the ring.   I’m curious, however, on these injections: do they hurt?  How often do you inject yourself?  How long does it last?  Will you have to do that forever or will the ability to have an erection return at some point?  Sorry for all the questions.